That Inspires Me

There is a better day ahead.

This is me...

After 2 years of marriage, and at the ripe age of 23, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the nervous system. Because of the effect on the nerves, every day is a different battle. While some symptoms may remain over time, there are constantly new ones appearing with new struggles. There is only one person that can make this disease easier to manage and that is me. I look for inspiration EVERYWHERE. The world is full of it and when you slow down for just a minute to see it, life changes. Priorities shift, your pace of life changes and you gain a new appreciation for everything. Your spouse, your family, your friends... Especially those who have watched you struggle with this and never stepped away from your side. I am blessed to have a few amazing friends like this and for that I am grateful. Just like any other part of life there are ups and downs, but if you keep pushing through them the reward is beautiful!


What you can find here

The pages that follow are filled with a few different things and they have all inspired me in their own unique way.

The by me page contains quotes, sayings, and anything else I want to share, matched up with an inspiring photo. Sometimes I find the picture first and sometimes I find the quote first. Most of the time they pair up magically and I found I've created an amazing piece of "art work".

The articles page contains many different articles by many different people that have changed the way I think about things. Inspirational sometimes and sometimes just a story to share.

 The inspiring photos page contains "art work" like mine, but created by others. Because I appreciate their work so much I keep it as is and share it with you.